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We are looking for families with children who are 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6 years-old to help us in Growing and Advancing Research in Development and EducatioN (GARDEN). We have lots of studies for children that are designed to be engaging and often fun that are all about learning how children grow and develop in lots of different ways. Project GARDEN works by families participating in many short studies that, combined together, help us understand children's development from many different angles.

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Over the next 4 months, we will have at least 8 studies (about 15 minutes each) available in Project GARDEN. You will receive a $5 gift card for each study for studies #1-7 and a $15 gift card for study #8. There will be additional study opportunities in the future! You can choose whether to participate in each study, but the more studies that families complete, the better we can understand how children develop!

Children who participate will experience a fun storybook where they will meet Fen, a fennec fox who is the new librarian for a magical GARDEN library. But Fen needs help finding it! As children finish research games, they will help Fen fill out a map and travel through many interesting locations on their way to the GARDEN library.

Garden project storybook scene